1.Who was Henry Stewart, Lord Darnley?

Mary's husband
Mary's lover
Mary's half-brother

2.What was wrong with Lord Darnley?

He was mortally wounded
He suffered from syphilis
He suffered from porphyria

3.Why was Lord Darnley in Kirk o' Field?

He was visiting his father
He agreed to come back with Mary
He had a meeting to attend

4.Where was Kirk o' Field?

Next door to Holyrood Palace
Near the Port of Leith
Within Edinburgh's city walls

5.Who owned the Old Provost's house?

Mary Stuart
James Hepburn, Lord Bothwell
Robert Balfour

6.Where was Mary on the night of the explosion?

Attending a wedding masque
Picking up her son James
Getting help for Darnley

7.What did Darnley ask for at bedtime?

Two horses to be ready by 5am
All doors to be bolted
A bath and some wine

8.When did the explosion occur?

At approximately 4.30am
At approximately 2am
Dead on midnight

9.Where was Darnley's body found?

In the orchard, maimed by the blast
In his bed, poisoned
In the orchard without a mark

10.What did Mary believe after the explosion?

That she had been an intended victim
That it was a Catholic plot
That Bothwell wanted her dead

11.When was Mary accused of the murder?

When she married Bothwell in 1567
When in England in 1568
From the beginning

12.Where was the Earl of Moray at that time?

Hiding away in England
Looking after his wife in St Andrews
Nobody knows

13.Why was the official murder report flawed?

Bothwell did not have keys to the building
Mary would notice powder in her room
Much more powder was used for the blast

14.What about the eye-witnesses' accounts?

They were ignored or suppressed
There were none
They were in the official report

15.Who lit the trail of gunpowder?

Darnley, before running away
Bothwell, back from Holyrood
James Douglas and his men

16.How did Mary deal with the crisis?

She ran away to Seton with Bothwell
She locked up all the culprits
She let Bothwell take control

17.Who was executed for the murder?

James Stewart, Earl of Moray
James Douglas, Earl of Morton
James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell