The King's Apartments

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It is on this floor that the murder of the Duke of Guise took place in December 1588. The King's cabinet having been incorporated into the later wing built in the 17th centuries, and the rooms modified since, it is difficult to follow the stages of the crimes. Various accounts relate that the Duke was struck by eight men in the King's Bedchamber and that, pierced with wounds he collapsed near the bed of Henry III. The bed which features today in this room dates back to the 17th century and was set up in 1970 to give the room a more dramatic appearance. It is draped in modern fabric which matches the patterns on the walls.
The King's Bedchamber
The King's Bedchamber
The murder of the Duke of Guise inspired many artists and the seven paintings kept in the Guise Hall (below right), enable us to understand the interpretation given to it in the nineteenth century.

The Council Room (below left), boasts a collection of nineteenth century furniture of the neo-Renaissance style.
The Council Room The Guise Hall

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