The Saint Calais Chapel

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Exterior François I Wing King's Apartments Saint Calais Chapel
The current facade of the chapel located next to the Charles of Orleans wing was entirely created by Duban. The Chapel was built during the reign of Louis XII and comprised a much longer nave adjacent to the gallery which enclosed the courtyard. The Chapel and the gallery were amputated during the period when the castle was used as barracks. Duban considered to reinstate it in its previous state but eventually gave up due to the number of uncertainties. The inside of the Chapel only give a feeble idea of what the nineteenth century architect intended. The walls painted in bright colours were skimmed in 1912, the stained glass windows by Claudius Lavergne (1815 - 1887) did not stand up to the bombardments of 1944, and were replaced by those of Max Ingrand. The vaulted ceiling was painted blue and gilded in 1990.

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